Lou Pizarro


Lou Pizarro created the top-rated Spanish-language series Operacion Repo in October 2006, later creating an English-language version of the show Operation Repo for truTV. His other Spanish TV work includes the extremely popular bounty hunter series Fugitivos de la Lay (Fugitives of the Law) and the tattoo-themed series Dame Tinta. Through his business, he helped a number of individuals, including family members, become involved in the field, while also working on his own desire to become a filmmaker.


Ana Vergara

Ana Vergara is an award winning Makeup/Hair Artist by several organizations. She was audience selected by the television show Hispanic Lifestyle where among those selected were also Eva Langoria and Constance Marie.  Because of her makeup and hair talents she has been featured on Inside Edition, Queen Latifah, AOL, Fox, ABC 7, Military channel, KTLA, Press Enterptise and the list goes on.  Ana had her own radio show where she was the Producer and on air peronality on NBC KCAA for 2 years where she interviewed inspring stories. She then left it when she auditioned for a TV Show spot as a Latina Host on Every Way Woman Talk Show, which now airs on several cable networks.  She then was approached by Repo Radio to fill in and join the team.


You can currently find Ana doing hair and makeup, Every Way Woman Talk Show and Repo Radio.

Randy Martinez


Randy Martinez is a Los Angeles native born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. In school he pursued art, photography and writing. Randy was always the class clown and wanting to be the center of attention. In 1994 he purchased his first guitar and got hooked on music. Randy aka “Stylatarium” had many bands ranging from jazz to death metal. While in the “Jazzdemons”, Randy started composing his own music under the “Stylatarium” name. Randy’s unique style made it difficult to find compatible musicians and the “Jazzdemons” broke up. After the failures of “Arctic Moon”, “Atomica” and “JazzSpin”, Randy started playing multiple instruments himself, turning his living room into a recording studio. On his home computer, Randy started layering his own tracks. Randy also worked as a designer and special effects artist for the entertainment industry. In 2006, Randy was then able to build a 1,100 sq foot recording studio at his home. Complete with new computers and HD audio hardware. Randy started recording band and singer demos. He wrote a few jingles and even scored “Operation Repo the Movie”. After hours, Randy continued to work on his own music projects. Randy also did photography in his free time. Randy then added a video switcher and podcasting capabilities to his studio. “Lou Pizarro’s Operation Podcast” was born. Randy served as engineer and funnyman in the booth. After 13 episodes the show went on hiatus. Shortly after, Lou Pizarro was asked to do a weekly morning show and “Repo Radio” was created. Randy serves as talent, producer, editor, DJ and engineer. Writing his own comedy bits such as “Randy’s Jazz Minute”, “Ranfucius”, “Randy’s Dictionary” and “Randy’s Movie Spoilers”. Randy loves to do anything creative and enjoys making people laugh. The team alternates between Randy’s LA studio and the Barstow studio. Randy considers himself a musician first and continues to write original music.




Fernando Villarreal

Fernando Villarreal was born and raised in Baldwin Park, California. At the tender young age of 9, he fell in love with hip hop music. He was inspired by groups such as NWA, Run DMC, and Rakim. By age 13, he was creating his own lyrics but found it difficult to write them down. For Fernando, it was easier to memorize his lyrics. He still uses this method to this day. By the age of 15, he was recording and putting his own demos out. In 1993, he met the late legend Roger Clayton from Uncle Jams Army. Rodger began to manage Fernando and hired him to work in his record store. In 1995, Fernando was opening up for groups such as Run DMC, Egyptian Lover, Lenny Williams of Tower of Power and The Temprees. He has performed in multiple venues throughout California. In 1997, Fernando met Jesus Gonzalez who recognized his talent and put out his first two projects. Fernando has since released four LPs, seven 12-inch records, and multiple compilations that have sold nationwide. He has worked with producers such as Dwayne Simon (Writer of LL Cool J's "I'm Bad" album), Max One and Omega, just to name a few.
  In 1999, he attended his first pro boxing match which inspired him to become a pro boxing judge. He was told by established officials that it would be almost impossible to become a licensed official. He took that as a challenge. So for the next 10 years he attended hundreds of boxing matches, scoring fights from the sidelines and being persistent. Thanks to the help of Hall of Fame referee Marty Denkin and Ray Corona, in 2010, he officially became a California boxing judge. In this short time he has judged 10 title fights for the IBF and judged boxing matches involving fighters such as Rafael Marquez, Alfredo Angulo, Jermain Taylor, etc.
  In 2009, Fernando was in the San Fernando Valley performing his boxing inspired song "Sweet Science," when he met Lou Pizarro. They began talking and became good friends. Lou gave him the opportunity to perform at Fiesta Broadway in Los Angeles, as well as acting in various TV pilots. Being an avid sports fan and his love of boxing, he asked Lou if he could be part of the Repo Radio team as sportscaster. Now he is a proud member of the Repo Radio team. Fernando still works on new music and pursuing an acting career.